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We contracted with Lakeville Motor Express to transport merchandise from our warehouse to their Kansas City Missouri terminal for the consignee Ashley Silvey Stroud to pickup.Consignee Ashley Stroud picked up the freight, and that very evening called our company to say that "there was a 1" chip on the leg of the bunk bed foot board.

. . what are you going to do about it?" We told her to send pictures and a statement, what it would cost to repair the "chip on the foot of the bunk bed" to no avail. The very next day, her husband, Edward Stroud called to say "the bed is now all broke".

Ashley Stroud, who goes by the name of Ashley Silvey in purchasing our merchandise, and Edward Stroud, both real estate agents and owners of ONE HOME REALTY in St. Joseph Missouri, immediately filed a charge back on 7/4/11 with her credit card company for $721.25 and simultaneously filed a damage claim with Lakeville Motor Express on 7/6/11 for $721.25; and made no attempt to return the bunk bed set, all in an attempt to defraud and commit internet credit card fraud and deceive this merchant and the freight carrier and profit from this incident to the tune of $2,163.75, if Ashley and Edward's scam worked. On 7/16/11, our company called LAKEVILLE MOTOR EXPRESS to inquire if Ashley Silvey Stroud filed a claim. Carol of Lakeville said she did and gave me the claim number, however, she said "under the confidentiality agreement" they could not disclose any more information on the recent claim filed by Ashley Stroud.

WHAT?? Confidentiality agreement? Does that mean that Lakeville Motor Express is their attorney or agent that they will NOT release any information? I told her we needed this information as we believe Ashley Silvey Stroud is attempting to commit internet credit card fraud and we need this information for our defense.

Carol of Lakeville was adamant and keep on saying it was against their policy of the "confidentiality agreement". Well, if you go on their website and put in the claim #2011LD02349, all that claim information is made public. As trading partners, we the shipper and Lakeville Motor the carrier we contracted with could have simply told us to refer to their website for the information requested. This information was pertinent to us so that we could file a complaint with the FBI for internet credit card fraud.

DO NOT USE LAKEVILLE MOTOR EXPRESS, as they have a double standard policy of not providing helpful information to a trading partner, but yet that information is made public on their website. DO NOT USE LAKEVILLE MOTOR EXPRESS for lack of professional customer support! DO NOT USE Ashley Stroud, who goes by the name of Ashley Silvey when purchasing merchandise on the internet, and Edward Stroud, both owners of ONE HOME REALTY, St. Joseph Missouri, as they are internet credit card fraudsters!

They buy over state lines, want it shipped and then file charge backs for the amount paid and file claims for damages! This is indeed internet credit card fraud!!! What would the Strouds do to you as your real estate agent when you purchase a home through them, a lifetime investment!!! We believe Edward Stroud put up the bunk bed set and is in full use of it, and waiting a payout from Lakeville Motor as well as in receipt of the charge back.

Our poor economy is bringing out the worst in mankind, from our contracted freight carrier double standards of customer service to internet fraud by EDWARD STROUD and ASHLEY STROUD!!!

WHAT A BUNCH OF THIEVES!!!STAY AWAY FROM THEM, THAT INCLUDES LAKEVILLE MOTOR EXPRESS for their poor unprofessional customer service policy!!!

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The Strouds are very loyal people and I highly doubt they attempted credit card fraud!For being shysters, they sure are successful.

As for the real estate company, it's called franchising, not going broke!

Educate yourselves a little better!I don't know of one person whom they've screwed over!


They are known shysters in the St Joseph community. They seldom pay their bills in full. One Home Reality has screwed so many people, they have had to close and re-open under KW and Associates.


Correct. That bunk bed is pictured in their photos of their very own house for sale. They have now changed company names.

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